Amélie is a travel blogger from Montreal, Canada. She founded Mostly Amélie, a blog about conscious living and health-minded vegan travel in 2014. It all happened a bit by accident, after a quarter life crisis that resulted in her buying a flight to Asia and never returning home. Before that, she lived in Montreal and had a day job as a graphic designer, a fancy apartment, a long term relationship, and a lot of stuff. But she wasn't very happy, so she escaped for what she thought would be a few months, but it's now been over three years! In the last year, she has set up a home base in Berlin, Germany and slowed the pace down a bit, after being completely homeless for two full years, Amelie admits it's nice to have a home for a change! 

A four-year vegan when she started traveling across South East Asia, this became her favourite subject to discuss on the blog that she created for her trip. She noticed that there was an actual interest from people to hear about vegan food options in far-flung and seemingly not so vegan-friendly destinations. That curiosity gave a direction to the blog and made it grow in a way she never expected! The rest is history! Now she makes vegan food guides wherever she goes, and lately she've been venturing into lifestyle blogging where she talks about vegan-friendly cosmetics and fashion a little bit. She was thrilled when Ishe learned that the Cabin Zero bags were vegan!

During the last four months of her two-year South-East Asian adventure, she tried bicycle touring and cycled a total of 5,000km, so she learned quite a few lessons about packing minimally. Turns out, the less you have, the easier it is to get ready to roll (literally, in this case) in the morning. As a rule of thumb, Amelie says you don't need more than three of anything - three pairs of underwear, three pairs of socks, three t-shirts. Wear one, wash one, dry one. So since moving to Europe and starting to travel with more traditional means of transport again, she never had any trouble traveling with only a carry on, because she owns so little these days.

Photo Credit: @mostlyamelie

What's usually in your carry-on? 

Absolutely everything these days, I pretty much live in a carry-on!

Tell us about the usual type of clothes you bring when traveling?

Oh gosh. I used to pick things and even buy things specifically for a trip. These days, my wardrobe consists of yoga leggings and converse.

What's the best packing tip anyone has given you? Who gave it?

"You ain't gonna need that" -my ex-boyfriend Richard

What is the best thing about packing light?

Packing small will save both your back and your cash! And remove so much stress out of commuting and squeezing yourself into small crowded buses in the middle of nowhere.

How does your packing for a travel routine look like?

I'm not sure if I really want to disclose this, but I am generally a complete mess and will pack on the day I'm leaving... Apparently it's a sign of a creative mind? Anything to make me feel better! ;)

How do you deal with "excess baggage" situations?

The only excess baggage I've had these past years has been my bicycle, and obviously I wouldn't leave her behind (I bought "Speranza" in Malaysia and cycled a big part of the way from there to Milan in 2016)

What's your best-kept packing secret?

I've adopted the "no shampoo" method six months ago, so now my toiletries consist of a small bar of soap and that's it! Good for your hair, good for the environment and good for packing extremely minimally. Win!

Photo Credit: @mostlyamelie

Quick Q's

  • Favourite region? South East Asia
  • Favourite country? Laos
  • Favourite city? Berlin
  • Favourite beach? Koh Phangan
  • Favourite food? Noodles!
  • Favourite mode of transpo? Bicycle
  • Favourite book? The Beach by Alex Garland
  • Window or aisle seat? Window
  • Carry-on or check-in? Carry-on
  • Hostel or hotel? Hostel
  • What's your favourite design from the Cabin Zero collection? I'm really enjoying my Classic 28L as a day pack right now!

You can follow more of Amelie's vegan adventures on her blog, Mostly Amelie.

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