Packing tips from the pros: Bobbi Gould

Bobbi Gould is a part-time travel fanatic and blogger, part-time social media maven/consultant, part-time inspirational preacher, and all-around fun-loving chick with a wanderlust spirit who is always ready for an adventure. She revels in wine, offbeat experiences, yoga, rock music, randomness, strawberries, connecting with like-minded people, and dancing, particularly to the beat of her own drum.

From rappelling to skydiving, and everything in between, she has a thirst for new experiences that is never quenched. She kissed the Blarney Stone, participated in one of the biggest tomato fight festivals in Spain, oared a gondola in Italy, ate way too many crepes in France, and scuba dived the Great Barrier Reef.

Venturing into uncharted territory and feeling completely lost and incapable of speaking another language yet digging deep within herself to overcome and conquer was and continues to be the most pivotal moment of her life. 

What's usually in your carry-on?

Clothes, shoes that can go with any outfit, layers, a toothbrush, brush, an extra battery pack for the phone, makeup, baby powder (in case my hair looks greasy and I don't want to wash it), wigs. Yes, you heard me right! Wigs!

Tell us about the usual type of clothes you bring when traveling? 

If it's a quick trip, I usually just throw a bunch of clothes in that will mix and match. If it is a long trip, I usually meticulously plan, only because I try to only take a carry on, so that requires good planning and fitting in tight corners!

What's the best packing tip anyone has given you? Who gave it?

The rolling method is the best! I saw it on someone's Youtube.

What is the best thing about packing light?

Packing light is the best! Who wants a big old bag to lug around when you get into town?

How does your packing for a travel routine look like?

HA! If it's a long international trip, I will pack a week before. If it's just a week, I sometimes pack hours before. I am not the most organized beforehand to be quite honest!

How do you deal with "excess baggage" situations?

I will definitely lessen my load if possible! Sometimes I bring clothes I actually dont mind leaving behind.

What's your best-kept packing secret?

Fill up your shoes!

Quick Q's

  • Favourite region? Rainforests of Costa Rica
  • Favourite country? Australia
  • Favourite city? Venice
  • Favourite beach? Samara, Costa Rica
  • Favourite food? Waffles
  • Favourite mode of transpo? Land
  • Favourite book? The Power of Now
  • Window or aisle seat? Aisle
  • Carry-on or check-in? Carry-on
  • Hostel or hotel? Both!
  • What's your favourite design from the Cabin Zero collection? The Classic 44L

You can follow Bobbi's adventures on Instagram, @1fungrltravels.

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