Top Things To Do and Must-see Attractions in Bali

It could be Eat, Pray, Love that skyrocketed this island to become a must-visit destination in Southeast Asia. But the movie only gives you a small glimpse of why Bali in Indonesia is synonymous to the word magical. From lush rice fields, surfing hotspots, to cultural and gastronomic experiences, Bali is a sight to behold and a wonder to marvel. Here are some of the top attractions and must-do activities in Bali to make your holiday one for the books.

Cycle and trek in Ubud’s villages and rice fields

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Bali’s countryside is blessed with a seemingly endless view of scenic landscapes and intricate hand carved rice paddies. Rent a bike and cycle your way through Ubud’s villages and ricefields and get ready to be captivated by breathtaking views of lush greeneries. This is also a great way to see the authentic life of the Balinese locals, especially the farmers. They are some of the friendliest folks you will ever meet and they are very much happy to share about their culture, customs, and way of life as you trek through their family-owned lands and homes. You might even be invited to share a meal with them!

Sunrise trek to Mount Agung

Take your Bali getaway to a whole new level and conquer greater heights! Hike up to the most well-known and tallest mountain in Bali: Mount Agung. If you have still strong knees and a lot of willpower, do not pass up a chance to take this hike, which Balinese locals regard as a holy pilgrimage. The climb begins at the Pura Pasar Agung Temple around 2:00 am and the goal is to reach the summit before sunrise. The top offers you a breathtaking bird’s eye view of Bali and a stunning moment as the sun rises over Mount Rinjani in Lombok. The path takes you through a forest and over solidified lava, perfect for an adventure of a lifetime!

Learn the traditional art of Batik printing

Perhaps Indonesia’s most famous and well-loved cloth-decorating technique, Batik has made its way throughout the world in fashion runways and contemporary design. But the traditional way of producing these intricate lines, dots, and shapes remain to be very much alive in Bali and is something you should not miss doing. There are numerous courses and studios on the island offering Batik printing lessons to visitors wherein they can take home their designs as souvenirs. Discover this ancient art and textile form in all its glory, the authentic Balinese way!

Watch a Kecak Trance Ceremony at the Uluwatu Temple

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Undoubtedly one of Bali’s most charging and stimulating experiences is this nightly performance of the Kecak Trance Ceremony at the Uluwatu Temple. It is based on the popular Hindu epic Ramayana. Over a hundred bare-chested men gather in a huge circle, chanting “cak, cak, cak” and powerfully swaying to hypnotic movements. In the middle of the circle is where the drama takes place as a performance showing the rescue of Sita by Rama starts to unfold. The energy is unstoppable, and the whole place is filled with awe. Make sure to watch this spectacle in Uluwatu temple around sunset for an awesome view and experience.

Indulge in Bali’s nightlife at Potato Head Beach Club

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What’s a holiday without some tipple? Knock back some cocktails at one of Bali’s most trendy and popular beach clubs. Potato Head in Seminyak has gained a huge following from both local and international travelers because of its vibrant atmosphere, extravagant entertainment, and sensational dishes. It houses an open-air restaurant, a beachfront bar, and an infinity pool where you can enjoy their famous handcrafted cocktails. The stunning sunsets that happen right in front of Potato Head is a glorious backdrop to the multi-cultural crowd that gathers every day and the highlight of island living in gorgeous Bali.

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